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The Drago Corse racing kart offers the latest designs and components realized from a successful pedigree of developments and results, which has been further refined for the 2021 season’.

Born with the premise of competition at the highest level has fused the latest materials alongside specific geometric designs.

The frame is constructed using specified molybdenum steel allowing for traction and compliance in all changing track conditions. The entirely 30mm steel structure is paired with a powerful self-adjusting ventilated braking system allowing for proper chassis kinematics under braking along with refined geometric changes to enhance corner entry speed along with stability throughout the corner radius. The chassis balance is complete with a collection of high-grade magnesium hubs standard along with magnesium wheels providing added cornering stability and an increased performance level.


Standard Details

  • Standard Magnesium Hubs
  • Special Designed Sprocket Carrier (Magnesium)
  • Stub Axle Finished in Chrome
  • Floor Tray Improved aerodynamic
  • Redesigned Front Steering Box / Heel Rest Mount / Driver Panel Mount
  • New Rear Cassette Flanges Specifically Designed
  • KG 506 Fairing Kit
  • New Fuel Tank Mounting Bracket
  • 1045mm Wheelbase
  • Unique Tubing Mixture (30mm ø)
  • 3 Position Rear Ride Height
  • 25mm Stub Axle (Refined Geometry)
  • 50mm Axle Type
  • IMAF Seat

Drago Corse Kart (Rotax)

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